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"Wagmore Gently is the spotted, long-tailed pet of the Gently family in this original tall tale from Ashman. Bendall-Brunello's exuberant watercolor illustrations bring Wagmore to life, creatively showing Wagmore's wacky tail in action." Kirkus Reviews

"Wagmore the dog has one huge problem -- a tail so long and fluffy that it has a life of its own. Wagmore doesn't mean to wreck things, but his happy, wagging tail can clear a checkerboard, crack a wall, level a pot of zinnias, and sound like an earthquake when it thumps on the floor. Mr. Gently is losing patience, and he warns the dog that he had better control his tail or else. A particularly good choice for children who know a happy dog like Wagmore." Booklist
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From THE TALE OF WAGMORE GENTLY. Illustrations c2002 by John Bendall-Brunello. With permission of Dutton Children's Books.

Author's Note

Meet Wagmore, a happy dog with a powerful tail. Which sometimes makes his family very unhappy.

One wag can wake the deepest sleeper. A mere twitch can wreck a game of checkers. And a few blissful thumps can spoil a fine musical performance.

The story of Wagmore was inspired by our oldest dog, a high-spirited Black Lab/​Australian Shepherd mix. Nicky is forever whacking people, knocking over toys, and clearing coffee tables with her exuberant tail-wagging. Before Jackson became the family alarm clock, she used to wake us up every morning with the joyful thumping of her tail.

One early morning, as I listened groggily to her tail drumming the hardwood floor beside the bed, I thought of Wagmore, a lovable pooch whose joyful nature -- and powerful tail -- frequently got him into trouble.

Teaching Themes: tall tales, struggles with self control, dogs, acceptance, humor, exaggeration.


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A "lovely reverie on the joys of being alive and being loved." Starred Review, PUBLISHERS WEEKLY
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