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The Twelve Days of Christmas in Colorado

Illustrations ©2011 by Dawn Beacon. Sterling Children's Books.


"On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me . . .

twelve skiers swooshing, eleven horses prancing, ten covered wagons, nine woven baskets, eight dinos roaming, seven bats-a-napping, six frozen giants,


four grazing elk, three rail cars, two leaping sheep,
and a bunting in a spruce tree."

When my wonderful Sterling editor Meredith Mundy asked if I'd like to write the Colorado edition of this popular state-by-state holiday series, I didn't have to think about it very long. First of all, I always welcome the chance to work with Meredith, who is as smart and thoughtful as she is good-natured. Second, it seemed like a great way to learn about my adopted state.

Was it ever! For months, I had piles of Colorado books and maps stacked around my office while I accumulated pages and pages of notes about the state. It turned out to be quite a challenge to choose twelve "gifts" that would represent Colorado's character, history, and dramatic landscape -- there were so many possibilities! Fortunately, Meredith -- who was born and raised in Colorado -- offered lots of guidance here. As expected, it was a joy working with her. And what fun to see the book come to life through Dawn Beacon's lively and colorful illustrations!

I hope kids enjoy singing this version of the traditional Christmas song, and maybe even learn a few things about their state, as I did. Even better, I hope it inspires them to think about the things they love about Colorado, and to come up with their own versions of the song.

Illustrations ©2011 by Dawn Beacon. Sterling Children's Books.


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